Ongoing projects

Ongoing projects

The cluster, by coordinating a consortium with two other European partners, presented “Bridge2Asia”: a candidate internationalisation project for EU funding.

The project is divided into three phases, one for each year.

First year: the preparation phase concerns the participating companies’ training programmes on current commercial dynamics in the target countries (China and Japan), and those specifically addressed to member companies’ employees for the use of new technologies of industry 4.0.

Second year: it is related to the first commercial action in Japan and China through the organization of an event that will be held in Tokyo in February and in Chengdu between September and October.

Third year: it concerns a digital B2B event that will allow companies to continue their commercial activity by benefiting the relationships developed thanks to the project.

The participation in the project will allow cluster’s member companies to access the commercial initiative as well as the IT platforms for marketing and training, aimed at their employees in the use of new industry 4.0 technologies, and courses dedicated to environmental sustainability.

The identification of these countries comes from market trends analysis that revealed a growing demand for direct purchase of products in these territories and the increase of the Asian celebratory events in Europe.

To participate, the member companies can contact our dedicated office via the button at the bottom of the page.
A dedicated team will be pleased to provide further information and to assist your company in the application process.

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